NEU! – NEU! ’75 (1975)

NEU! – NEU! ’75 (1975): Rated 4/5

Neu! 75 is the third studio album by the krautrock band Neu!. By this time they recorded this album, Rother and bandmate Klaus Dinger had diverged in their musical intentions for the band. Dinger preferring a more aggressive, rock-influenced style than Rother’s ambient predilections. As a result, they agreed to a compromise: Side 1 of the album was recorded in the old Neu! style, as a duo, with Dinger playing drums. For the pieces on side 2, Dinger switched to guitar and lead vocals. Also, recruiting his brother Thomas and Hans Lampe to play drums (simultaneously).

What we end up with is a split record; subtly melodic in the first half and aggressive proto-punk in the second. On both sides, they increase the use of keyboards and phasing as compared to earlier releases. Neu! 75 is a magnificent LP from beginning to end. It’s easily the band’s greatest achievement and despite a handful of subsequent releases, it serves as the group’s final statement.

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