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Green politics: why it makes people red with anger

What is the driving force behind green politics and businesses turning green? Should we be cynical about it, and how will it affect us?

The electoral price of green politics

Jean-Claude Juncker made it clear what the electoral price is for introducing austerity policies. Politicians introduced these after the global crash proved painfully prescient:

We all know what to do, we just don’t know how to get re-elected once we’ve done it – Jean-Claude

Ordinary people felt they had been made to pay for the inadequacies of the financial elite. And so it was no surprise that they voted in they way they did. Now a similar populist backlash is forming over the issue of climate change. Many political and business leaders accept changes are needed. This is if we are to reach the targets of a carbon neutral world by 2050. Some of these include:

  • No more cheap flights
  • Phasing out of gas boilers
  • No more driving around in vehicles which belch out toxic fumes

Green economic deals

So officials are busy devising ambitious green deals to reorient the economy. Indeed environmental sustainability was the purpose of Davos this year. Or, as the Prince of Wales put it:

realigning our economy to mimic nature’s economy and work in harmony with it.

True, the Prince has been saying this since the late 1960s. Cynical as it sounds, business have caught up with him because purpose is serving profit. In some respects, green is the new greed. in other words, sermons are important, but not as important to businesses as profit.

But this world view is somewhat short sighted. After all they’ve not given any thought on how to offset the cost of these changes on voters. Most people, after all:

  • commute to work,
  • don’t have the cash to replace the boiler, and
  • take a cheap flight for their annual holiday.

And don’t want to be cheated again by wealthy globalists.

Politicians take care! As I say here:

The idea that the West should abruptly stop using fossil fuels, however environmentally desirable, is a recipe for global upheaval. Pivotal states whose economies rely on them like Saudi Arabia, Iran, and Russia would descend into chaos. Nor would the West accept the Green dream of zero growth. The populist backlash to a drop in living standards would see to that. Emmanuel Macron taxed petrol: France got the yellow vests movement (mouvement des gilets jaunes). Hillary Clinton pledged to shutter the coal industry: the US got Trump.

This a sign of things to come.

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