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Hello! And welcome to my blog.

What to expect

So what can you expect? Here’s a summary:

In some ways this is a self-indulgent blog. It’s simply a way of collecting my thoughts, and the output from my various projects. Primarily this blog covers:

  • my opinions on what’s happening in the world. Trying to figure out how events could impact us. And some possible solutions. None of my articles are long, complex or difficult to read. They are more of a quick and dirty stream of consciousness. The barest whiff of a longform published work. Almost pure editing … just a way to publish “stuff” that runs through my brain every day.
  • self-improvement articles, based around Stoic teaching. The Stoics presented their philosophy as a way of life. They thought that the best sign of an individual’s philosophy was not what a person said but how that person behaved. I base these articles around four main ideas:
    • Value – a mental state aligned with virtue and reason is more important than money, success or fame.
    • Emotions – emotional thinking leads to assumptions and unwanted feelings. If we judge something as good or bad we may be mistaken. This may lead to negative feelings. Yet, these judgements are within our control. Stoics view emotions with detachment and realise that if judgements change, then emotions change.
    • Nature – we can live in harmony with Nature. We are tiny parts of a bigger, interconnected whole. We are subject to forces which are outside of our control. Refusing to acknowledge this leads to disappointment and frustration. Understand and accept this fact.
    • Control – we can only control our own thoughts and intentions. Everything else is outside of our control. Trying to affect this leads to unhappiness.

A secondary project is translating Seneca’s ancient Stoic letters into modern English. Seneca’s letters to a young friend advise action rather than reflection, addressing the issues that confront every generation. These are:

  • how to achieve a good life,
  • how to avoid corruption and self-indulgence, and
  • how to live without fear of death.

Written in an intimate, conversational style, the letters reflect the traditional Stoic focus on living in accordance with nature and accepting the world on its own terms.

Posting frequency for all of the above is approx. weekly.

Favourite posts

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